Ceramics Summer Camp – Conway

Welcome artists!
We have grown out of our previous locations at Pediatrics Plus and Blackbird Academy in just one year!  We are very thankful for the time spent at both locations. This year we are offering a Summer Ceramics Art Camp at Fellowship Bible Church youth room. We will meet four nights in a row in a camp like fashion. If there are siblings who need to come together we will make arrangements.   We will be making a Tree of life, with various animals who live in the tree.  Our children will be able to put any animal in the tree, but we will focus on the bird, squirrel, insects, and leaves.  We look forward to creating a fun and exciting learning environment for each of your children.

There will be an Art show the following week on Friday, July 28th.
UCA Downtown, 1105 Oak Street, Conway, Arkansas 72032. 6:30 – 8:00p.m.

We want to enforce creative art for each of the students and give them an opportunity to see their work on display.  This will build social skills as they will have an opportunity to talk about their work with family and friends.

Summer Ceramics will be offered again in the Summer of 2018.