Community Connections Music is a program that seeks to promote the growth and love of music in children with special needs. These classes are open to children ages 3 and up. Through music discovery and exportation we will learn how music makes life better, and most importantly – have fun!

*MUSIC IS FOR ME PROGRAM – recommended ages up to 6 yrs
Music is for You! Come let your child discover everything that music can do for them, from helping them learn and giving them instructions, to helping them control and learn to use their emotions in constructive ways, and everything in between!
Conway: June 16th | 1-3pm | Pediatrics Plus
Little Rock: July 7th | 1-3pm | Pediatrics Plus
Russellville: July 14th | 1-3pm | Pediatrics Plus

*MY OWN MUSIC PROGRAM – recommended ages 7-11 yrs
Music is your own! Come let your child discover how to take one of their favorite things and make it their own. We’ll be learning about different styles and approaches to music, learn about different instruments and how they work, and even dive into the world of creating our very own music!
Conway: June 30th | 9-11am | Pediatrics Plus
Little Rock: July 21st | 9-11am | Pediatrics Plus
Russellville: June 23rd | 9-11am | Pediatrics Plus

*MUSIC MAKERS PROGRAM – recommended ages 12 and up
Come learn how to make music! We’ll be learning about how the world of music works, learning about how to take the basic building blocks of music and create incredible things with them, and learn how to use what’s inside of us to create works of art!
Conway: June 30th | 1-3pm | Pediatrics Plus
Little Rock: July 21st | 1-3pm | Pediatrics Plus
Russellville: June 23rd | 1-3pm | Pediatrics Plus

John Williams offers private music lessons for individuals who are interested in a more advanced experience (private pay).  You can contact John at 501-339-8761 for more information!

Click HERE to register!

Interested in volunteering?

We use volunteers for Music (as well as all Community Connections programs)! If you are interested in serving as a buddy for a child, please complete our volunteer registration from by clicking HERE.

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