Community Connections 2020 Virtual 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, & Full-Marathon

Community Connections is challenging our athletes to stay active even during this time when we have to all be separated. So, walk, run, or wheel your way to a prize and let us see you in action! Select your mileage goal that your child will try for in the month of July. If your child wants to compete in this we would love for them to challenge a parent, guardian, coach, therapist, teacher, friend, and/or a Community Connections director to do it with them!


31 days to complete starting July 1 – July 31

5K = 3.1 miles

10K = 6.2 miles

Half-marathon = 13.1 miles

Full-marathon = 26.2 miles

Track your miles on mapmyrun, Fitbit, phone tracker or honor system and send in weekly mileage to

Registration is now closed.


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